When you achieve a goal…
When you tick something off a big list…
Do you celebrate

Do you make a big deal out of it? You’ve undoubtedly accomplished something. And you deserve a congratulations

But is that the ‘end’

People think I’m weird…
I don’t celebrate wins…
It’s an acknowledgement, a small fist bump or high five, and a quiet reflection with myself about the accomplishment

But then it’s straight onto the next thing

I remember finishing my Cert III in fitness, and everyone was jumping with joy. Myself and my great mate were the only two who didn’t. And everyone asked why…

Our response: “we didn’t come here for cert III… and we’ve still got Cert IV to go…”

We were already planning for what we were going to do after finishing that. Future pacing. And far too many people get bogged down… they lose momentum

And stagnation brings about death

The same thing just happened recently upon graduation from my Nutrition & Dietetics degree. A great accomplishment to celebrate… but upon finishing there was a ‘what next‘ thought that could be felt in the air

It was as if this thought was only being entertained now. As if there’d been no thought of what to do with the degree in the future

I’m not saying you need to have it all figured out…
Or know the exact and definitive answer…
But maybe you need to be looking ahead and focusing on doing some of that work now

Instead of focusing solely on the celebration

As too many times in life we’re in things for the celebration…
For the feeling and sense of pride of ticking something off the list…
And thinking that’s all there is to do

But if you’re only thinking of ticking it off the list… You’re well behind the eight ball

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