My biggest fear (see: future event that isn’t real) in life…

what if everything I am working so hard for never eventuates…

what if nothing works…
what if there’s constant hustle, work, and providing value… and nobody wants or appreciates it
what if there’s no results

And it’s all for nothing… that thought hurts. fucking hard

But at the same time – what if it comes together…
what if it all pays off… it works…
the value is received well…

And what were once dreams become reality

Is the risk worth the reward? Do you have the cojones to take it?  I do – and it’s a simple answer as to why… I would rather the pain of discipline now, than the pain of regret later in life

I’d rather the sacrifices now than having to stare straight into my future kids eyes and telling them to chase their dreams – knowing I never chased mine…

Don’t go about life being just another wandering generality… instead, become a meaningful specific

It all comes down to ‘what if‘… and you know deep down that all you need is 15 seconds and a chance

Taking that chance is scary. But it’s not as scary as the thought of lying on your death bed wishing you’d done differently… is it


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