You’re hungry. It’s a core human feeling. And consumption is at an all-time high…

But we’re not talking about being hungry for food here. We’re not talking about how you nourish your ‘body’. We’re talking about being mentally hungry. About how you feed your mind

The majorities (the part of society you don’t want to be like) intake looks like this:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Cat Videos
  • Random FB Videos
  • More TV
  • Gossip
  • Worthless Conversations
  • Talking about problems
  • Never spending time in their own head

“your mind is a garden. you should feed it naught but good thoughts and knowledge..”

When shit goes in – shit comes out… It’s the exact same as the body. You are what you eat… Well you are what you think and listen to as well

Idea’s In = Idea’s Out

Instead. You need a consistent diet of:

  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Online Courses
  • Even more books
  • Audiobooks
  • Focusing on solutions
  • Finding comfort in the solitude of your own company

The easiest place to begin… read for just 10 minutes a day and make it a habit – then add to this slowly over time. And turn your car into a library – listening to podcasts or audiobooks on your daily commute instead of that white noise

Now, the majority of people will disagree with this concept. They’ll throw it in the too hard basket – as it comes across as work. They’ll accept mediocrity instead and continue to be just another number…

They’ll continue to reminisce and complain…
They’ll continue to gossip and add naught to this world…
They’ll continue to let life happen to them

And they’ll continue to feed both body and mind with synthetic ‘shit’. Will you?

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  1. Sheree says:

    Haha… so blunt and so true! Really enjoyed this post.


    1. Thanks for the kind words and support Sheree 🙂 Grateful you resonated with the content

      Liked by 1 person

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