People always laugh at me. I honestly do believe they think I’m crazy – and I don’t blame them

See. I think superhero’s exist. For the record, I think they’re a reality

But that’s not why they laugh at me – we’ll get there shortly

There’s this ‘fantasy’ complex that revolves around superhero’s… people think they have to have exorbitant superpowers… Like being able to fly. Or run at the speed of light. Or have the strength to move the earth…

Whereas being a superhero is putting others first. It’s smiling at that stranger, and making their day. It’s the unexpected compliment… It’s going after whatever it is you want with a relentlessness that a dog chasing his tail would be proud of

My Dad is a superhero. So is my Mother. And of course my beautiful partner, and my Oma and Opa. The unconditional love they give me, even if all I give them back is worse than hell… that’s a superpower

My fathers mental and physical fortitude is something I’ll never be able to replicate. He is in a league of his own in this regard… but I will try my best

Brendan is a superhero. To be so relentless, and so courageous at his young age is a testament to his powers. To be able to press that buzzer and jump in every single time is being superhuman

But this isn’t why people laugh at me… 

They laugh at me as I aspire to be The Batman. I believe that he is the ultimate embodiment of what a human can be…

Intellectually he is phenomenal…
He has no powers. And yet is able to leverage the power of the human mind to grow, develop, and improve…
He enhances himself both physically and mentally to a level where he can eventually compete with Superman…
He has the mental and physical tenacity to come back from the depths of hell and a broken back…

And most importantly, he has the selflessness and kindness of heart to constantly put others and their needs first 

And this is what I aspire to become. These are the guiding principles, the blueprint, that I am building my life on

it’s not who I am underneath… but what I do that defines me

and if that’s such a crazy aspiration. then I have lost faith in mankind. as all desire to dream and improve has been lost…

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