Don’t Be A Donkey

There once stood a Donkey. He was exactly halfway between a trough of water and a bundle of hay

Two things he desired with all his heart at that very time. His head constantly tracked back and forth between the two. His mind constantly raced… “which do I go for first?


See. He was thirsty… AND his stomach was also growling at him for food. The poor Donkey could not decided


And eventually… He died from both hunger and thirst


The above is a fable known as Buridan’s Donkey. And there is much you can learn from it


Indecision comes from short-term thinking. It stems from a pattern of thinking that everything has to happen this week… A place where instant gratification and fulfilment rules the mind


You worry about pursuing many different directions…with no progress in any of them. And with no sense of fulfilment of gratification gained from doing this. You fear missing out if you don’t do it this very second 


Yet there is another option you never entertain the thought of. Something society hides from you. An option you can choose if you wish to…


Pursuing and doing one thing now. And then pursuing another in the future


You do not need to simply do just the one thing for the rest of your life. There’s flexibility and malleability in today’s world. Don’t give power to the thought of there being security awaiting you in the old way of thinking

The world has changed…
Become a student of life
Adopt a learner’s mindset…

And do that which interests you


Yes, there is fear and uncertainty in this. What if it doesn’t work out… It’s not secure… And who’s to say that security lies in picking just that one thing for the rest of your life


When an un-knowable future awaits you – the best plan is the one with the most options. The best is the one that allows you to change your plans along the way… the one that is malleable and allows for flexibility…


So, what now? Pick something. Do it for five years. And then come back to me with your feelings and thoughts

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