The Seesaw Conundrum…

I get asked it all the time. How do you balance everything

How were you able to begin and run a business, whilst finishing your degree averaging HD’s, and keep a successful relationship running. What’s the secret sauce…

It’s an age old question we ask ourselves on a daily basis. How do we keepsome form of work-life balance… Honestly, you’re looking for the holy grail

I believe there is no such thing as balance. And that’s how I do it. Honest, brutal truth. There is no such thing. So if there’s no such thing, how do you make it work?

You need to go ALL IN whenever you’re on a particulat task

When I’m working on the business I’m all in. Laser focus. I dare not entertain the thought of anything else. And if I did, it was accepted and disregarded like that

When I was studying for uni – business was off. It was like it never existed – just for those few hours each week… essentialism was key here – and whatever needed to be done got done. nothing more. nothing less 

And when I’m with my beautiful girl, I’m (trying to be) all in with her. This is unfortunately the hardest… but for a day each week I switch off. I’ve learnt to put the phone on flight mode and just zone in on her. The best thing is she understands, and goes easy on me when I let my mind slip. And this is why I love her so much

Stop chasing balance. Stop seeking it – you’re honestly wasting your time over nothing. It doesn’t exist

You’ll never find that perfect someone to sit evenly with you on the see-saw. And that’s not that fun anyway… The excitement and fun comes from the extremes

Once you grasp this concept and put it into practice, it will become easier with time. And you’ll be more fulfilled for it. I promise. Go ahead, try it

When you leave the house tomorrow morning – it’s game time. You’re all in on work for a few hours. And when you get home, it hits extra innings… And you’re all in with your family

It’ll never be perfect. And there’s no set routine to follow. Ironically enough, there’s no balance when it comes to balance

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