Don’t Lose Your Voice

Marketing is simple. People just make it complex as they don’t understand it. They try to sell you on complex and ‘sexy’ shit to place themselves as an authority in your eyes

“marketing is every single touch point you have with a client or prospect”

It’s how you answer the phone. It’s how you interact with clients and prospects face to face. It’s the decor of your office. The clothes you wear. The style of your stationary

The real shadiness comes from ‘social media’ marketers and ‘managers’

I understand you want to free up your time – but critically think for a moment..
You’re giving up your voice…
You’re giving up an incredibly powerful touch point to someone who does not understand you, your business, or your message

You’re giving up something that hundreds and thousands of people are going to see and resonate with. All for the sake of a few minutes a day… You still need to convey this message to a person who can then convey that message to others… Cut out the middle man

Before you think about handing this aspect of your business over to someone else – ask yourself…

Am I really saving time

You may be right now… but what damage could be being done to your message that you might need to rectify in the future

Your voice is unique. Don’t give it up so easily

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