People will try to sell you anything. Common sense is needed now more than ever. And unfortunately we currently live in a period where it is not so common…

And critical thinking has gone out the door for the foreseeable future

When it comes to business, particularly the increasingly powerful social media, it’s not about numbers… many people will try and sell you on the idea that it is

Many people will try to sell you on social media marketing… And posting images that are like all the others… With the goal of amassing followers 

Which is the worst thing you can possibly do
It’s not about amassing more and more followers and such…
And it’s not about getting more and more views

It’s about engagement and influence

Simply amassing numbers does not create leverage… the whole point of having such a large presence on social is to leverage it… and use it to your advantage

To be able to get them to do what you’d like them to do is key. To have influence over your audience is power… And simply having them there does not prove your influence. Anyone can post a mountain of motivational quotes or purchase more followers…

This is why there is no such thing as a specific type of marketing. The principles are always the same across all different platforms. Influence & Human Psychology is the key across any platform

And Robert Cialdini has an amazing book (Influence. The Psychology of Persuasion) that will help you gain influence over your audience. And gain the real, true power you seek

Here is a quick overview:

  • Reciprocity: if you give me something, especially for free, I feel indebted to return the favour to you… This is why tips, amazing content, and small gifts work so well to position yourself in a good favours
  • Social Proof: people like us, do things like that… if there was a huge group of people to your right, causing a scene, you’d be curious to know what’s happening… if you saw 100 people write a great review on a product you’re interested in – you’d be more likely to buy it…
  • Authority: we believe those whom we perceive as experts without a second thought. Doctors. Lawyers. Physiotherapists. Police Officers. It’s a shortcut… position yourself as an expert in your area and you’ll gain influence
  • Commitment & Consistency: if we say we will do something, we will go through hell and high water to stay consistent with our word… testimonials shared to the world are great for this
  • Liking: if we like, know, and trust someone – we are more likely to buy from them… it comes down to empathy and getting on your prospects level… connect with them from a brutally true standpoint… be authentic

Then once you have influence over them, you can utilise some of the copywriting & marketing principles to get them to take action. One of the most powerful at your disposal is:

  • Generating Scarcity & Urgency: imaging finding a product that solved your specific problem… but there’s only three left… and you’ve only got 20 minutes to buy it… makes you want it even more, doesn’t it. we want something no-one else can have… and we also don’t want to experience FOMO (fear of missing out)

Work toward amassing influence, not followers

The followers will come with time…
And adding as much value as possible


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