What You Need…

If more information was the answer. Then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs
– Derek Sivers

It’s not what you know. That’s not what you need. Sure, it’s important. But it’s not essential. It’s not necessary. The power lies elsewhere…

It’s what you do consistently that matters the most. It’s that which makes all the difference

You already know what to do. The steps have been laid out in front of you. You already know exactly what it will take to achieve your goals and desires. It’s simple, but not easy

You just create complexities to hide your imperfections. As do I…

It’s all egotistical… Something becomes ‘more complex’ because we don’t want to be seen failing at it

You can’t build that business because you’re not willing to do all that it takes. You’re not willing to become the student again – and learn. To engulf yourself in the hard work. The long hours. And the non-stop mental activity

Don’t lie to yourself. You know their is no such thing as an overnight success… That’s the complexity you make to hide the imperfections of not being able to achieve it

The same goes with physical makeovers. Move daily. Nourish your body. Hydrate it. And it’ll happen with time. But no, it’s got to be so much more complex… It’s got to be paleo, with no dairy, and no sugar (which is impossible)… It’s got to be the perfect exercise, rep and set range… Complexities to hide our imperfection of not wanting to do the work it takes to get the result

The information is there. Right in front of you. That thing in your hand – your iPhone – it holds the answers. Just search…

It’s just your first small step though…
It’s that tiny bit of momentum you need to get going…
Now is the time for you to step up and simply do the work

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