I adore this question… If you could put anything on a billboard, what would it be?

Picture it. On billboards outside and inside shopping malls. All of the tangible places we frequent for that ‘pick me up’ and cheerful feeling. Car dealers. Movie’s. Fast Food restaurants…

I like to call these “places of instant happiness”
But it’s not true happiness they bring
Is it…

Does that new iPhone truly make you happy? Or is it a form of instant gratification… the feeling of being ‘cool’ and ‘powerful’ enough to own the newest tech. That feeling of telling your friends you own it, and they kind of person you think that makes you

Does that new car smell bring a smile to your soul… or is it just to your face? And for how long does it last… I’m willing to bet a month ; tops

What about those new jeans. Or that new piece of jewellery. That hair cut. Or that extra large doughnut and chocolate shake…

These are all little ‘pick me ups’ of instant happiness. Things that fade away with time – much quicker than you expected

These tangibles don’t do shit for you. You think they do – but they don’t really… do they?

Look down at your iPhone or Samsung. Does it truly make you happy? No. It doesn’t. But you know what does… intangible things

You yourself, are happiness defined. From all of the intangibles inside you. From feeling grateful. Doing the things you love. Taking time each day to be fully present. These are the things that bring happiness – and they can be drawn upon whenever your heart so desires

We all tell ourselves stories of when we’ll be happy. When it get this…. When ‘this’ happens… It’s all utter bullshit – you can be happy right now because you choose to be

So, back to the all important question: “If you could put anything on a billboard, what would it be?”

“It won’t make you happy”

– would be my choice. Everyone who sees it will get it. As unconsciously they’ll all tell themselves that story… that story about how that thing they want most won’t truly make them happy…

And hopefully. In the best case scenario – they’ll go home and be truly present with their loved ones…

As that will indeed make them happy


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