The BIG Problem

Burger King had a chance. A huge chance to take a fair chunk of the market off McDonalds

But they didn’t. They missed that opportunity


It wasn’t to do with their marketing… they were “copying” McDonalds in this sense… and many would argue doing a good job at it

It wasn’t due to their sales… they were still making sales – albeit less than they would have liked

And no. They didn’t have to innovate more – regardless of what you think. That was tough to do at that time and with the products they offered… again, McDonalds was in front

So where was this chance…
Where was this opportunity to take some of the market share…
And sky-rocket their profits?

It was in their niche…

See, McDonalds had the kids niche on lockdown. More secure than Fort Knox. It was a done deal. Their marketing was world-class. Happy Meals. Ronald McDonald and the crew. Play equipment. And what was smart was that the kids hassled the parents to go

And herein lied Burger Kings opportunity… To go after the adult market. To position themselves to this niche. It would have been smart… as where the adults went – the kids would surely have to go as well…

But they tried to copy with the play equipment. and with the same childish niche

Fast forward to now, and look at what McDonalds is doing. They’re taking a stranglehold of the adult market too. McCafe, their new Creations/Gourmet range… it’s possibly the most brilliant of things seen for decades

The same concept holds true for yourself. If your business is floundering, it’s not your sales or marketing. It rarely ever is…

It’s always a niche problem

When you don’t know your niche like the back of your own hand…
when you don’t know what their biggest problems are…
and how you can solve them

you cannot market to them effectively – which means they’ll never buy from you

your niche is the foundation of everything you do. you must know their problems. so that you can solve these problems… you’ve gotta show up where they hang out… you must speak their language, and talk directly to them…

you don’t have a marketing problem
you don’t have a sales problem
you have a niche problem

and it needs to be fixed yesterday


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