Don’t Get Caught

Who. You. Your prospects
What. Your life. Your business
When. Now. Right this very second
Where. Your home. Your office. Wherever you’re reading this
Why. This is for you to decide…

The “why” has become so incredibly powerful over this past decade thanks to Simon Sineks amazing Ted Talk & Book “Start With Why”

It’s a phenomenal concept. As it’s got people and business owners thinking more intentionally. Asking themselves the question – ‘why am I truly doing this’

When people know the answer to your why. They resonate with you better. We understand what you’re trying to do. And can jump on board if it matches our worldview

Why’s create communities. Friendships. And families

But within this “why”. A problem lies dormant. Like Smaug atop the Lonely Mountain with the Dwarves riches

Only the problem is deadlier than Smaug could ever be…

You see. The “why” is a contemplative stage. It is when people think. It’s the romantic stage of a relationship. It’s fun, and we love it. It’s the part where we get to talk. And we know how much people love to talk about themselves and what they’re going to do…

The why breeds procrastination. ‘Busy’ work… Where there is no forward movement. No progression…

And this is the deadly problem –  as when everyone gets so caught up in the why they forget the most important stage


I’m not just talking about thinking about the how. But actually doing it. Jumping in. Pressing the buzzer. Taking action. And letting those actions match your words

There are too many people who love to talk about their why. About their idea. And gaining confidence from people patting them on the back

But idea’s are shit. Any man and his dog can have one

The power lies in the how. How can I make this work… How can I add more value

Yes. You still need to think about and contemplate your how. But it’s so much more powerful than your why. As the how is executing on the why and the original idea

The how gets the results

I honestly do not know why this event occurs. My best bet, and from what I see daily with people, is people are too scared of failure… they’re scared of trying and failing

Even though that’s the only way to learn what works and what doesn’t

You cannot be scared. Sooner or later you’ve got to move. Sooner or later you’ve got to swing the bat. You cannot strike out with it sitting on your shoulder

As otherwise nothing happens. And stagnation is boredom. And death

Don’t get caught in the why… 

It acts like the north star. Guiding you to where you need to go. The funny thing is – it won’t walk for you

Your how makes you walk

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