Jump In

There’s one thing you’re guaranteed in this life. And no, sadly it’s not what you want

As much as I hate to admit it. And as much as I despise this thought pattern entering my mind. It never fails to pop up from time to time

I don’t like negativity at the best of times…

It undoubtedly creeps up on you too. And your pain is felt within myself. The agony, worry, and fear it brings – you’re not alone. But for me, it also brings with it drive, motivation, and excitement

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of the passing of Philip Hughes. A young man with unrivalled potential and an incredibly bright future within the Australian Cricket team. It came unbeknownst to anyone. And just like that – it was over


It makes me sick thinking about the thought of it happening to anyone right now. It initially freezes me like a deer in the headlights

Just for a single second though. When it rears it’s ugly head it is immediately met with a strong fend – and action takes over

Too many people put off what they truly desire until tomorrow. Myself included… The perceived risks – the negative stories we tell ourselves – they halt us right where we stand 

Dead in our tracks

It sucks. And this thought of fear prevents us from chasing the things we truly desire in life

If you could do anything with your life, what would it be? Why not chase it…

You honestly do not know if you’ll wake up tomorrow. Or what may happen…

Fear will always be ever-present in our lives. A lack of security and uncertainty will always accompany it. But so is passing on from this life – it’s the one thing guaranteed to us all

Don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow. As tomorrow might never come

You can never be certain of anything. Nobody can. That’s what makes life fun. you never truly know the answer. And as Seth Godin says, the way you win is by pressing the buzzer first 

It feels wrong. It feels reckless. It scares us. But toward the fear you must head

Buzzing before you know the answer… Jumping in will inspire you. It will make you dig deeper. It will excite you and push you toward things you never realised possible

Plus. You do not want dance the same dance for the rest of your life…

Do you?

Go on. Press the buzzer. Take the chance. Chase what you desire in life

None of us have the map. Or know the correct answer

Jump right in…

P.s: I know the objections you have… but I have a family… I don’t have time… I don’t have money… This is NOT a call to throw everything you have away. That would be idiotic and involve no critical thinking. This is a call to giving some of your time and energy toward what you truly desire in life. Gary Vee sums it up best in this video – use your 8-12pm to your best advantage…

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