Storytelling for Business Owners

You believe many things are not true

Yet so many things that you believe to be true are only true because you believe them…

Like how a more expensive bottle of wine tastes better. Even if there’s an exact replica of it for a cheaper price

The more expensive one always tastes better… Because you believe it to be

It’s all a story you tell yourself. As that’s how we’ve worked ever since we were born. And it’s a powerful concept to grasp

Movies. Books. Songs. TV. Even how we learn using metaphors…

They’re all stories

I personally tell myself the story that using an Apple product means I’m up-to-date with the latest tech. It means I care about myself and the products I use…

This storytelling principle is the basis of marketing… Marketing is storytelling

You don’t buy a book because you know what’s inside of it. You buy the book based on the story you tell yourself about what it’s going to do for you… About how it will help you. You base this story off the story you tell yourself about the author, about the title of the book, the colour and image of the front cover, or what others have told you…

You don’t buy that brand new pair of shoes because off the colour or the look. You buy them based on the story you tell yourself about how it’ll make you feel to wear them… About the type of person you are for wearing that specific brand. And how you feel when your friends see you in them

As a business, your marketing must make your ideal prospects tell themselves a story about how it feels to be with you

It doesn’t necessarily have to be true. We just need to believe it is…


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